Career Assessment and Counselling

  The focus of a Career Assessment and  Counselling is related to such issues as career exploration, career change, and personal career development. For young adults this process is directed at assisting individuals to select a course of study that may help them get into the job market or learn what skills would make them employable.

A Career Assessment uses psychometric tools to assist individuals in learning more about their aptitude, personality, and interests.

Once individuals have that information they may begin the Career Exploration stage. Learning what careers are best suited for their particular profile is important in developing a career development plan and job satisfaction.

We work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and from many developmental stages. For adolescents this means the opportunity to explore career options in order to determine the appropriate postsecondary education necessary for specific careers. It may also help adolscents who want to move directly into the world of work determine what they are best suited for. In today's fast paced and everchanging workplace many experienced adults find that it is necessary to contemplate a career change. A Career Assessment and career counselling can assist them in this  difficult transition.